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Building human value, fostering strong business ties, creating market needs, and aiming to be Indonesia's premier marketplace with unmatched value.

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Our Story

Founded in 2019, TokoHanter has rapidly become a pioneering force in the marketplace industry, offering a unique blend of products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. Under the visionary ownership of Christo D Toruan, we have embarked on a journey to redefine the conventional shopping experience.


Diverse Marketplace Offerings

At TokoHanter, we take pride in our extensive product range, ranging from essential power tools and heavy equipment to rare and imported items like tennis strings and baby clothing. Our commitment to diversity reflects our dedication to providing one-stop solutions for all our customers, ensuring they find everything they need in one convenient location.


Professional Services

Beyond products, TokoHanter extends its reach into the realm of professional services. We offer a spectrum of services, including programming, IT consulting, web development, and spiritual advising. Our diverse expertise is designed to cater to both individual and business needs, ensuring that TokoHanter is not just a marketplace but a comprehensive service provider.


Strategic Partnership with Allianz

In our pursuit of holistic customer care, TokoHanter has partnered with Allianz to offer a range of protective services. From asset protection to life and legacy coverage, our collaboration with Allianz ensures that our customers have access to reliable and comprehensive protection plans. This strategic alliance reflects our commitment to securing not just your products but your overall well-being.


Professional Modifications

At TokoHanter, we understand that customization is key. Our team of professionals specializes in modifications that elevate the functionality and aesthetics of various items. Whether it’s optimizing a power tool or personalizing a piece of clothing, our commitment to professionalism ensures that every modification meets the highest standards.


Comprehensive Approach to Customer Satisfaction

TokoHanter is founded on the belief that customers are at the core of our success. We go beyond traditional retail by providing personalized recommendations, innovative ideas, and collaboration opportunities. Our commitment to a comprehensive customer-centric approach is evident in our continuous efforts to adapt to changing market trends and exceed customer expectations.


Embracing Diversity and Innovation

As the marketplace landscape evolves, TokoHanter embraces diversity and innovation. We continuously explore new technologies and ideas to enhance the shopping and service experience for our customers. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve ensures that TokoHanter remains a dynamic and forward-thinking marketplace.


Join the TokoHanter Experience

Whether you are seeking quality products, professional services, or innovative solutions, TokoHanter invites you to explore our marketplace. Discover a world where diversity meets excellence, and where your needs find a home in our commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction. Thank you for choosing TokoHanter – where your journey begins and your satisfaction is our priority!

Samantha Marisa

Graphic Designer

Rapidiously synergize revolutionary portals with holistic leadership skills. 

Christo D. Toruan S.Kom, CEH, CH, CWM

Chairman, CEO

Chairman and CEO of TokoHanter, driving B2B relations, market creation, and leading key projects. A seasoned professional with strategic vision, leadership, and a commitment to TokoHanter's success and innovation in the marketplace industry.

Ava Ludger

Project Manager

Monotonectally deploy high-quality customer service whereas business initiatives.

Olivia Sixten

Web Developer

Authoritatively benchmark customized architectures without go forward value.

Lena Karin

UI/UX Designer

Enthusiastically provide access to world-class communities after turnkey supply chains.

Ariane Halvar

Team Leader

Globally cultivate reliable best practices through error-free manufactured products.

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